Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Do You Know What I Know

To my son Tommy,

Here is this morning's conversation.

T: (as you hurriedly came down the stairs after just waking up) "I got to go potty!"
Me: "Well, go man, go! Why didn't you use the one upstairs?"
T: "Mommy is pottying up there. And if she is pottying up there, I will just go down here. Makes sense, right?"
Me: "Sure does."
T: (over the sound of a urine waterfall) "It is important to do things that make sense, right Daddy?"
Me: "I think so Tom." (I often call you Tom when we are having important somewhat mature philosophical conversations)
T: (after some pause and a shake) "You know I know everything daddy."
Me: "Is that right? I used to know everything when I was younger."
T: "Like when you were twenty nine?"
Me: "Yeah that might have been the last time I knew everything, but you know I think I started not knowing everything well before that age."
T: "Yeah I know. Makes sense. I know everything. You're forty right?"
Me: "Nice talking to you Tom." (which is all I could muster without telling you to shut it)

I am pretty sure I wasn't so confident of my knowledge and certainty at age five (going on six) but I am at least certain that knowing everything stops by the time you become a dad.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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