Thursday, November 19, 2015

What You Like To Learn About In School

To my son Tommy,

You made your dentist cry the other day, but in a good way. You see the world right now seems to be in constant turmoil. There were a bunch of terrorist attacks across the globe (Paris got the most press but also in places like Beirut and Baghdad) that have filled many with despair. It is tough to see the good in this world when all that is shown to us, be it through media or propaganda, is hate and terror and war and death. We all need hope, a glimmer of light, something to hold onto.

According to your mom, your dentist asked you "What do you most like learning about in school?" most likely expecting an answer like math or reading or dinosaurs.
You told her sincerely, "I like learning about Jesus."

It made the dentist tear up. She explained (before excusing herself to compose herself) that with all the bad in this world, with all the things that are going wrong, she needed something to restore her faith and hope for humanity. She said she really needed that. And like a little flower that dares grow first in that small thaw patch in the snow after a long hard desolate winter, your answer supplied that hope.

Sincerely with love from your dad,