Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Healthy Alternative

To my son Tommy,

There is a bunch of talk about providing better alternatives for people. We, as a society need to provide alternatives to a life of crime. Our political system needs to provide alternatives to the crappy corrupt corporate bought "leaders" of this day. Our technology and transportation systems need to provide alternatives to the pollution producers we drive today. And we all need healthy alternatives to sugary fattening foods.

My company has actually been trying to provide a more healthy alternative to food choices. Vendors and such always used to supply just donuts and other such treats. Now, there is usually a basket of fruit and nuts waiting for us to make our choice.

But look at that picture. See those donuts? Which would you choose? The fruit? Really? Even if no one is looking? Well God bless you if you are being honest. For me it was difficult to take the apple today. I even had the donut box open, but chastised and shamed myself into choosing the healthy alternative. It took some serious will power to avoid the donut.

Providing an alternative is sometimes not enough. Temptation is a powerful evil. Alternatives are a good start, but only part of the solution. They embolden the blame game type people who gladly shame you with, "No one made you eat that donut. There were plenty of apples. You are a bad person because you gave in to temptation and deserve everything you get." That mindset is so prevalent in our society through all of the social ills. Yet we should be (and are) called to forgive the donut eater and find a way to strengthen his resolve so he will choose the apple next time. Sometimes this includes removing the temptation. No, you shouldn't eat all the donuts to remove the temptation for others.

And if you think this post is just about donuts and willpower, you may have missed the point. Understand temptation. Forgive those who stray. Help them to make amends for their actions and make better choices. Avoid and remove the occasion for fault. Love people despite their poor choices. And for Pete's sake, stop putting these donuts next to the fruit basket! Okay maybe it is just about donuts. They look delicious!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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