Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Can I Pee Please? Jeez!

To my son Tommy,

"Come on. Homework out of your book bag! Let's get this done!" I barked soon after getting home yesterday.

"Can I pee please? Jeez!" you responded with the attitude of a teenager.

Let me tell you, it is a little too early in your life cycle for that attitude. But I could tell you were just testing the waters with that little outburst because when I shot you "the" look, you responded meekly, "Sorry Daddy, I just have to go real bad."

I chuckled internally trying to keep that stern face. "Go ahead and go, then homework, then some cleaning up, then some dinner." I love the power of "the" look though I know one day soon its power will fade.

I think I heard you mumble something about how Mommy is a bit easier when you come home from school. But she was at the hospital with your PopPop. They took him there in the morning by ambulance. And that is why you got me busting your balls yesterday. After everything was done... potty, lunch box cleaning, homework, math, reading, dinner, living room cleaning, a load of dishes, etc... you and I got some play time while we waited for Mommy to come home.

Today, we found out that PopPop has an infection called cellulitis that had spread and was really getting the better of him. He will soon be on some very serious antibiotics, like flagyl which evidently the napalm of the antibiotic world. So he is in store for a rough couple days, but I think he will end up getting better quickly.

As for the orderly manner of doing things after school, I apologize. In times of crisis I don't have time for pleasantries or time wasting. Things need to be done and I don't want them looming if plans have to be changed at the last moment. So I get a bit commanding and demanding.

Unfortunately our lives seem to be in constant crisis. It is a rare moment when at least one person in our circle of family and friends is not in mortal peril. But through the turmoil, I have learned a lesson. You still have to make time for those moments, like playing Minecraft PE with your son, or heading off to Sweet Frog, or cuddling while watching a movie or better yet while reading a book. Because life is (or can be) a series of constant crises and sometimes you just have to make those moments that make it worth living through each and every challenge.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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