Monday, January 12, 2015


To my son Tommy,

Here is how to entertain your mom with a conversation.

T: "Daddy, look at the two /snō-gərs/ I made."
Me: "What's a /snō-gər/?"
T: "These are."
Me: "Oh silly me. Are they snow girls? Like snow men only different."
T: "No grrs, like grrrrr, like when you're mad?"
Me: Blank stare trying to figure out how a growl has been made into a Lego man.
T: Losing patience "You know, grrrrrrrrrr" as if the extended growl will make me understand.
Me: My last ditch effort "Is it an ogre that lives in the snow?" Please oh please be!
T: "Yeah that is it!"

Then I heard your mom laughing from the kitchen. Glad our communication problems can entertain her. Actually I am really glad it ended amicably between you and I. My next guess would have been a snow tiger, but from there I'd be lost. And you get so mad at me when I can't understand you. Probably get that trait from me.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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