Monday, May 11, 2015

Doing Nothing

To my son Tommy,

Your mom is zonked out on the couch. She was up to 2:15 in the morning perfecting her final paper and project and presentation for nursing school. She is taking a well deserved nap.

You, however, are up to no good. I know because when I asked what you were doing, you replied, "Nothing." That nothing involves some type of glittery sand art packages, and a homemade minecraft robot, and scissors, and who knows what else. So it is a good thing you are doing nothing.

I am sitting down in the living room, debating on how much leniency to give you in your "doing nothing". I am a firm believer on allowing a little bit of freedom and space to get into a bit of mischief.

When I went up stairs to find you "doing nothing" which looked strangely similar to feeding glitter sand to a robot tiki totem pole that you have created in the middle of your room, you came down to plead your case to your mother. Your mom is so tired that right now you could probably paint your room and she wouldn't care, as long as you stop waking her up.

So, officially, every Downey in this house is "doing nothing" and now I am deciding if I can continue doing nothing as you have decided to draw on your face to make yourself a tiger. Not sure when you became Dennis the Menace or Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs, but I think you have turned some dark corner. I blame your Great Uncle Kevin's influence.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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