Saturday, October 17, 2015

Anniversary Number Seven

To my son Tommy,

Today is your mommy and my anniversary! You know what grandiose plans we have? Let me list them out so you have ideas of how to spend a joyous anniversary.

  • Get the chairs to the dining room table up to the Marriottsville house.
  • Sand two wall areas and finish painting them.
  • Organize the back basement.
  • Screw on all the wall plates for the electric box.
  • Make a scenic view for your new room.
  • Mopping yet again to get the dust and grout off the floor.
What? Doesn't sound like a way to celebrate an anniversary? Listen, marriage is work. Marriage is hard work. And an anniversary celebrates this hard work, today with more hard work. Sure we will try to steal away some time for ourselves, but in the same sense the time we spend working together is time for ourselves. Among the typical work filled day for us, if you throw in a few times saying "Happy Anniversary" and a couple extra times saying "I love you" and maybe a "Holy crap we made it seven years" you have our anniversary. And that is okay for us.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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