Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day Off

To my son Tommy,

Taking the day off from work today. After working 88+ hours this week, I need to disconnect. During this long work week I learned that software roll outs suck eggs and I have some amazing coworkers who will work long hours with me to help me and our company right.

Anyway, I slept in to 5:40 today, which is about two hours of sleeping in for me compared to the last three weeks. I tried to sleep till later, but my body has adapted to the early hours now. Anyways I decided to do some chores.

As I was straightening the basement, I came upon this little school project pictured above. It says, "If I were a scarecrow, I would guard some money and guard the crops." Evidently my bank needs more scarecrows to protect money! I would say my wallet needs a pocket scarecrow, but I think I have more crops than money in my wallet. I like the crow the best.

Sincerely with love from dad,

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