Thursday, February 18, 2016


To my son Tommy,

You have strep throat, again. We started noticing it on Tuesday night with a fever of 103 or so. Second time this season for strep (could be third but I am losing count on things) but you have had a propensity and susceptibility to multitudes of colds and flus and infections and such this season. They seem to focus around your ears, nose, and throat, and are complicated by your allergies and asthma. Many tell us that having your tonsils removed will help. The medical profession seems to be split on this concept for kids who do not have tonsillitis. Though your mom and I are generally against avoidable surgery, we are getting worried and desperate. So your mom has the number of an ENT specialist, but she has had that for some time and been sitting tentatively and cautiously on that number. For the time being, you are quarantined to the basement and missing a couple days of school.


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