Friday, March 4, 2016


To my son Tommy,

When a Catholic prays to a Saint, we do not pray for the Saint to do. We pray for the Saint to intercede (ask for help for us or another) to God himself. Technically, it is the same thing as asking your family, your friends, or the guy you pass on the street, to pray for you. We just think a Saint might have God's ear a little more.

Personally I pray to family members who have gone before us to ask for God's help for us. I usually pray for their soul first, just in case they are stuck in purgatory, then ask them to put in a good word for what ever intention I have.

Today, on the anniversary of your Great Grandpa Leo's passing, I have focused my prayers for him and my requests for intercession to him. But frankly, I will take any prayers, any intercessions, from any source, Saint or sinner, believer or not, present or passed, all for your mom's healing.

She got through her kidney stones surgery okay, but unfortunately the doctor doubts this is causing her extreme pain that most recently put her in a wheelchair. I so hope he is wrong and that this surgery will give her some relief, but basically we are back to the drawing board and guessing. The medical community doesn't call it a practice on accident, that is for sure.

Anyway, your mom is home and in bed. I watched her hobble in and down the steps because she wouldn't let me wheel her around. I guess the drugs from the surgery dulled her pain enough to walk for now, thus the picture of Nansy's empty wheelchair. Not sure if the stubbornness is genetic with her, or if it is byproduct of marrying into the Downey family. Waiting for 5pm for prescriptions to be ready so the pain doesn't hit her all at once. Other than that, praying.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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