Monday, September 1, 2014

What Makes A Good Party

To my son Tommy,

Starting about Friday, you were determined to have a party. You have spent the weekend discussing a party in your room, one of your own, that you personally would host. You kept calling it a disco party and had all these grand schemes of decorations and such.

Well as far as parties go, there was no food, no booze, and excluding stuffed animals only three real people in attendance including the host. But always remember, a good party is not based on amenities or what it offers. No a good party is based on attitude and company. Good people and a make the best of it attitude make a great party. And that is what you had, in your room today. One of the best parties I have ever attended, complete with disco ball and party hats and dancing and one hot mamma that I kept flirting with! She had a camera, so maybe I can use the excuse of getting her pictures and videos to hook up with her later!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

Our host

Our host dancing on his bed.
Our host dancing on his bed with audience.
A good party always marks its location with some sort of external decoration

The "boingy" things from the ceiling added that extra party feeling

We used flashlights to light this aluminum foil disco ball. Much better in person.
The guests. The one in the orange shirt is the hot mamma I met!
The party crashers, but everyone was welcomed.

P.P.S. I got the pictures from the lady I met at your party. Things are looking good.

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