Sunday, April 17, 2016

Annoying Dad

To my son Tommy,

I figure the next couple of days of post will quickly become annoying to those who read my letters to you. So be it. This is your first time in Disney and I have no qualms about being that annoying father that shows way too many pics of the family vacation.

You are not a morning person at 4:30 AM.
But then I reminded you where we were going.
Mommy-Tommy selfies at the airport.

Mommy and you chillin' at Disney Springs, you with your new Spider-Man sunglasses and a cherry Mickey shaped lolli and Mommy still getting used to her new wheels for the week.
We did 't eat at this restaurant but were awed by the bones (though the bone at the top of the hip reminded me that my mind easily goes in the gutter)
Your mom's bad hip hasn't stopped you from having those hand in hand strolls with your mom, though every time I tried snapping that pic you guys let go.

Just a couple pics today. Not enough though so thank goodness your mom got some type of photo package for the park.

We finish the day with you and Mommy prepping your trading pins for tomorrow.

Sweet dreams my son, filled with dreams of mice and ducks and princes and princesses and droids and most importantly that magic promise that the Disney future holds for you tomorrow!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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