Monday, April 18, 2016

Magic Kingdom

To my son Tommy,

Mommy: "Thanks for a great day boys. Tommy, what did you think of today?"
You (very matter-of-factly): "Oh... well... just the best day ever."

I laughed when you said it because on one of the rides (Stitch's Great Escape) you were crying and screaming, "I am so scared! I am afraid I am going to die!" I felt so horrible and helpless and thought I am due another one of those parent/of-the-year awards. Just put that future therapy bill on my tab!

Otherwise, two rides broke down while we were on them. And every time we got close to a character for a pic and autograph, they seemed to need a break or cast member change.

But here we are, with you thinking the day is your best day ever, and none of the things that went wrong matter. Those things aren't even a glimmer of thought. You thought of all your blessings. If you use that same attitude and thought only of the good no matter what goes wrong, you will live an amazingly happy life!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

P.S. Only a couple pics by me to share but a bunch by the photo pass people that we will download and share after the trip and a few more by your mom to grab later!


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