Sunday, September 8, 2013

Seen It Before

To my son Tommy,

I have seen it before.  I have seen everyone watching and wondering what the other guy is going to do.  I have seen the posturing and the threats and people being backed in corners with their own words.  I have seen spectators itching for a fight to start so they can jump in or root from the sidelines with blood lust in their heart.  I have seen the over righteous, without knowing all or any of the facts, ready to jump in and protect the little guy by raining down punch after punch.  I have heard all the lies and preemptive excuses of why the fight needed to happen meant to relieve culpability after the first blow.  I have seen bluffs called and all out brawls break out.  I have seen all this before, but it was in a bar with a bunch of drunk idiots.  I didn't expect this from entire nations and really hoped that we as a species had grown up more than some bar flies fighting over who had next game on a pool table.

That is why yesterday, Saturday 7 September 2013, I joined in prayer and fast for peace in Syria.  The Pope had asked everyone to join and I did what I could.  I didn't spend as much time as I planned but when I had time, I went to the church to pray and when I had other responsibilities I just prayed silently when I could.  I fasted from food (though not a full black fast as I had one meal) and social media (though I did have to break this once to look up times that the church opened) and that is why no letter yesterday.  Even as I write to you, nations on all sides prepare for war as battleships and aircraft carriers position themselves for optimal strikes.  Propaganda and threat levels increase world wide.  This could be very bad and prayer was and is the only form of hope for what seems an inevitable outcome.  May God, one day, grant each and every one of us the wisdom that violence is never the solution, and may that day be today!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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