Saturday, February 7, 2015


To my son Tommy,

You were busy singing a song covered in the movie Muppets Most Wanted

Me: "I think the lyrics are 'Workin' in a coal mine' and then it is either 'Goin down down down' or 'Whoops, about to slip down' but not sure if the Muppets stayed true to the original Lee Dorsey song.

You: "No it is not." said quite emphatically

Me: "You know, you can be quite contrary from time to time"

You: "No I am not!" also said quite emphatically

Me: **le sigh**

I think you get this stubborn side from both family genetics, be it your Grandma Roro or your Poppop. Your ability to be right even when you are wrong is most infuriating. Don't worry I have the same problem. Luckily, I figured out a way around my own hubris. Just always be right in the first place then I will never be right even though I am wrong. I kid, I kid. Approach every correction and criticism with a large amount of humility and an open mind.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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