Thursday, February 26, 2015

Llama Drama

To my son Tommy,

I have a bunch of alerts set up for when things are happening in the world and the internet knows about it. In this ever connected world, I know things fast. So when my phone started blowing up this afternoon, I expected it to be a drastic change in the weather forecast. Much to my surprise, it was my trending alert for my Baltimore twitterverse. Everyone was posting about llamas.

Yep, the world took a quick break and was enthralled by llamas, specifically two llamas that got loose in Arizona. For a moment, people forgot about their lives and just watched the entertaining chase. Some were rooting for the underdogs, or under-llamas as the case may be, in the same way we hold Robin Hood as a hero. Some were pointing out the color difference between the two llamas and portraying real life race problems, purely in non offensive jest, on these hairy scofflaws because sometimes even the most serious issues need a laugh. Some fretted on how it would all end, especially here in Baltimore where we had a couple bulls get loose about a year ago and it didn't end too well for them. Jokes were made, memes were made, and for a brief moment "Thellma and Llouise" (as one twitter user quipped) carried all our hopes and dreams and our greatest traits and our worst flaws. Then they got caught. And all us twitter users went back to work. We expect another lull in production tomorrow when the people who just don't understand Twitter catch up.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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