Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cut Flowers

To my son Tommy,

Cut flowers are the biggest waste of money. They are impractical to say the least. Spend thirty bucks on a bundle of buds that are destined to die and do so quickly. Plus, in our family, hay fever is prevalent so introducing a pollen source is pretty silly. If you are going to buy flowers, at least go for a potted version which are much less fleeting and much more durable. isn't every day your mom gets inducted into an honor society for her nursing grades. And... no words can convince a woman of the specialness of a moment like a surprise bouquet. Plus... gerber daisies make your mom smile, and I'd do and pay anything to see your mom smile.

So don't shun cut flowers totally in your life. They have their place, even though everything I said about them in the beginning of this letter is true. Just don't rely too heavily on them and remember unexpected flowers are much more effective. And always remember, gerber daisies make your mom smile.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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