Monday, March 30, 2015


To my son Tommy,

This morning, your mom was long gone. She has an exam today and left in the wee hours of the morning to go to school and study. So once again it was you and me.

One of the tricks I use to ensure a smooth morning is the early morning wake up. I wake up at 6:40 instead of the normal 7:00. I call for you to wake up. You moan and groan as usual and I promise you five more minutes of sleep. The plan then is to get myself ready and make your breakfast, and then call to you to say the five minutes is up. It is the same basic plan as any politician, take a lot and give a little back and hope your constituents don't realize the disparity. Well my constituent and I get an earlier start and you think you have been blessed with five more minutes of slumber.

Today, that plan backfired. You see after I promised you five more minutes, I went in the potty. Things were just starting to move when you came running in saying you had to go potty NOW! I protested and tried to send you down the stairs to the other bathroom, but you said you couldn't do it. So here are the options as I saw it.

1. Make you go downstairs anyhow and deal with the consequences and mess if you didn't make it.
2. Suck up the turtle head and penguin walk down the stairs myself.
3. Introduce you to peeing in the tub when you are not actually showering.

I chose number two (no pun intended) and learned a valuable lesson. From now on I will potty before waking you. The choices and sacrifices of a father.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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