Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sour Notes

To my son Tommy,

It is no secret that your mom sings better than your old man, but I am not referring to music when I talk about my sour note today. Some days, especially when your mom has to wake up at the crack of dawn for clinical training, married couples are forced to talk using notes.

Now some guys might consider a note here and there as nagging. Not me. Unless it is over used, I am fine with it. In fact, before bed time your mom asked if I would remember the cake she made for your school or if she should leave a note. Reconciling my belief that I wouldn't forget and my good intentions and my realization that we can all use a backup system, I said, "Both!" The allergy medicine note was an after thought as it isn't part of the normal routine and she would have had to wake me up to tell me that one. So you see, your mom makes great notes.

Me however, my notes when singing or signing are a bit more sour. I knocked one (or more) of your mom's icing tips
Into the sink. It is little signs like this that tell me I shoul just go back to bed. Oh well.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

My note

Bunny cake

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