Thursday, April 9, 2015

What Could Go Wrong

To my son Tommy,

Last night, I went to bed. Going to bed is one of my favorite joys in life, because with everything going on, with all the problems in our world, I somehow can still sleep, or at least usually. And what could go wrong going to bed?

I readied myself. I even said our nightly prayers though you are down the ocean with your Bwama. I put on my cpap mask. I laid down in bed. BOOM! The frame of the bed busted. Realizing almost instantly what had happened, tears started coming to my eyes. Are you kidding me? I was just going to bed. Can't that even go well for me? Am I that fat? Is Someone up there laughing at me saying, "Leo had too nice of a night. Delicious dinner with the Mrs. followed by some quality time with her, and even some snuggling. Watch this! 'Into each life some rain must fall,' Or if not rain, some frame. Hehe!" as they issue the command to the universe for 3 of the 4 screws on that part of the bed frame to simultaneously tear through the wood.

Your mom called up immediately asking if I was okay. She came up to help me fix everything. Like I said before, when things go wrong, sometimes I revert to anger to keep my other emotions in check. I usually feel the anger justified but that is just not right. Your mom called me on the uncontrolled anger right away, and rightfully so. I was not going to make the situation better by throwing mattresses and boxsprings around. God, I love her.

After things returned to normal, mostly due to your mom, and before I readied myself for bed, I went in and weighed myself. I still need to lose weight but I was nowhere near my high. I guess the stress of dealing with my top weight for a good long while was enough for the bed. Oh well, back on the diet and off to the hardware store to find stronger and longer screws.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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