Thursday, April 30, 2015

Super Hero Day

To my son Tommy,

We decided to send you back to school today, with a bunch of caveats. No running. No PE. Relaxing during recess. Etc. We will see how you fair.

It is also Super Hero day at St Agnes School. Donations are being collected for your school to help a family in need with their medical bills. In turn, you kids can dress up in a super hero outfit. You couldn't choose, so you are going as a combined hero...super spider man. We tried to get you to pick one or the other, but sometimes you just have to pick your battles. Of course once we settled on the dual personality hero, you suggested that maybe you should be a priest for superhero day. After I explained that we didn't have a priest outfit, and reminded you that a priest wouldn't wear a teenage mutant ninja turtle mask, you decided to keep your current outfit. I do like that your idea of a superhero extends to priests and other non traditional super hero stereotypes. And Lord knows we need all kinds of superheros in Baltimore these days.

Sincerely with love from your dad,


  1. Super heroes at a Catholic school? At my kids' school they never had that. Free dress was usually centered on the Seahawks, or a necessity (field trip type stuff). I would love to see a school full of super heroes. That would be awesome.

    1. It surprised me too. For Halloween the past couple years, Tommy's school requires you to dress in a Saint outfit/costume if you want to dress up at school on that day. No ghouls or goblins or vampires allowed. I get why, kind of, but still. As for today, unless someone comes as Hellboy (which I consider a super hero as well) I suppose it won't offend any religious sensibilities. And the family in need has been battling with cancer and anything we can do. Hopefully some of the teachers will post up pictures of their Legion of SuperHeroes!