Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Leave When We Leave

Either last summer or the summer before, your mom and I found a mantra that keeps us sane every summer vacation to OCNJ. "We leave when we leave" might seem like the motto of Captain Obvious, but it saved us stress and anger and made it so we can begin enjoying our vacation even before the travel down is complete. Since we have no plane to catch, we have no timetable to follow except the one we used to impose on ourselves.

Sure I often preach planning and organization and promptness, but I have discovered there are certain events in this life that if you ignore or forgive the deadline you will benefit tenfold. The key is knowing which deadlines are forgivable. You will learn that keeping a deadline can have a cost. In the case of the annual vacation, driving each other crazy to make some arbitrary time could cost us some serious matrimonial harmony.

So as you grow up take note of when it is time to push for a deadline and when it is time to let things happen and glow with flow. Forgiving yourself some artificial deadline can save you from getting married too young or to the wrong person. Ignoring a deadline can allow you to find the courage to change careers to something that gives you more personal satisfaction. Bypassing a deadline can give you the patience to let your son grow and learn and advance when he is ready and not a moment before. And throwing out the hurry and hustle can get us down to the beach safely and happily.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

P.S. Using the iPad to blog for a bit of time, so excuse the typos and the formatting difference.

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