Sunday, August 17, 2014

Return To Schedule

To my son Tommy,

As always when vacation ends, we try to return to our normal schedules. Of course our normal schedule includes dinner over the Downey's most every Saturday night. One thing you can count on in life is that normal always changes; there is always a new norm. And there has been some changes of late in Randallstown. We returned to find your Grandpa Leo retired in order to take care of your Grandma Roro and take care of your Great Grandpa Leo who is once again home. Your grandpa is adjusting to his role, as is everyone else to the new norm, with a whole host of complications and intricacies.

Your mom and I were worried how you would react to your great grandpa being home. People in hospital beds can be confusing and scary to a five year old. Of course, and unfortunately, you have become accustomed to people in all states of repair or disrepair. You have seen your mom in the hospital multiple times and your Grandmom Roro occasionally and most recently Nansy's before her passing, so you didn't even blink at Great Grandpa Leo's being in a hospital bed. You sat there in the chair next to him, speaking a mile a minute, telling him all your boardwalk ride adventures from the vacation.

We had dinner and caught up, and you retold the same ride adventures you told Great Grandpa to just about everyone you could, and we renewed our normal schedule even though everyone is dealing with the new norm. We got home late because your grandpa needed me to fix his computer. After our normal singing, I tried to sneak passed the normal four prayer plus schedule and just go with a "Glory Be". You however caught me at this and said, "Wait a minute Daddy! We forgot to thank God for everything!" When I asked what you were thankful for, you replied, "Thank you God for bringing Great Grandpa Leo home. It is good to have him back." For a person who has lived on this earth for less than six year, you sure have a great perspective on what to be thankful for.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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