Tuesday, August 26, 2014

That Way About You

To my son Tommy,

I think officially kindergarten is no longer pre-school so that means officially, though you spent two years at St Agnes already, you have started your academic career. And boy are you excited! You shot out of bed today and were ready to leave right then. The neat thing was that anything we asked you to do, the precursors to your day like eat breakfast and take a vitamin and brush your teeth and such, were done in a flash with no argument or debate. Nothing would stand in your way of getting back to all your friends. I really hope you keep this enthusiasm about your education as the year (or years) go on.

Also I hope you keep your eagerness to help your friends. Danny is joining our little school this year, and though he is a grade above you, you were right there to help him out and ease his transition. You have that way about you, the way that says, "New? No problem! I got ya...follow me." It really shows in your interactions with all your school chums. Friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to help...now that is a great way to go through life!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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