Sunday, November 16, 2014

Death Star

To my son Tommy,

The Death Star has been in many of our conversations lately. You have been watching the Star Wars movies and you decided to ask Santa for the Lego Death Star, the approximately four hundred dollar Lego Death Star. We decided we can ask Santa but there are definitely no promises as Santa has a budget and we don't want to bankrupt Santa so he can't buy important things for others.

Last week at your grandparent's house you found, right before we were leaving, a package of balloons for making balloon animals. Your mom and I were a bit peeved at the timing of the discovery, and said maybe next week we can open them. You weren't happy until your Grandpa Leo suggested that the next week (aka last night) you and he would make a Death Star out of the balloons. It appeased you at the time, so I let it ride, but I wondered how the hell we would pull that off.

You spent the entire week planning and looking forward to this balloon Death Star. Your Grandpa Leo thought about it too and bought some rubber bands to try and help the construction. But after blowing up the first balloon and realizing he couldn't even tie them off with his current hand function, you both looked at me. Sure. Right. I can do this. I once made a balloon dog and a balloon sword, so I am an expert right?

I made the first one, and I thought it was pretty good. Even your mom was impressed with my little globe. You and your grandpa thought it was small, but good for the first test reenactment.

"Reenactment? What reenactment?" I thought to myself. The next thing I know, before I even had a chance to picture my good work, there you and your grandpa are with safety goggles and two sharp forked barbecue tools that you guys called your light saber forks and singing the theme song from the movies. I barely had enough time to plug my ears before you guys re enacted the blowing up of the Death Star. You were both proud of the results and demanded I use every balloon remaining to make the next one for the grand finale.

Not sure if it was because I had to use all of the balloons, or if it was because I knew of its ultimate fate, but the next version (pictured) wasn't as good. It didn't even capture or hold the spherical look that well and looked like the Emperor hired Darth Escher to make the second reincarnation. But it was good enough for the imagination of a five year old and the somewhat twisted sense of humor and entertainment value of a sixty six year old. May the force be with you.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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