Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just Another Day

To my son Tommy,

There are things to concern yourself in this world, and there are things that you should not fret over. I often wonder if God is trying hard to drive home this lesson to me. It seems He is giving me ample opportunity to practice choosing which things are of import.

For example, this morning I walked out to my company truck and noticed the driver side mirror was destroyed. I imagine some bus or delivery truck or big truck came up our street and popped it. No one stopped, no one knocked, that doesn't happen (or at least not often) in today's day and age. Perhaps in my youth, I would have been in a "woe is me" mode and asking why do things keep piling up on me. Not today. No one hurt. It is just a mirror. Plus the driver who didn't stop gets seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror, right? Not important to worry about.

Now a 104.7 degree fever, that is something to concern yourself with. That is the temperature your godmother had. Turns out, even though she got the flu shot, she has the flu. She had to go to the hospital for a bit but is back home and doing better. Just another chapter added to the medical woes of those in our extended family. Brain cancer, atrial fibulation, diverticulitis, crohn's, MS, diabetes, breast cancer, hospice, chemo, radiation, fevers, flus, etc...these type of things are important especially when we are talking family.

Money, turns out not as important as you would think. We came home to a $600+ ambulance bill from the city. This was for the night two weeks ago when you couldn't breath and we called 911. Your mother summed it up nicely with the comment, "It will get paid when we can pay it." The important thing is you got over your croup and can breath and didn't die.

Now weather on the other hand is worth some concern as well. Not really weather, but how it affects you and your loved ones. It just moved from rain to snow up here and now I will be driving home without a side mirror. Double jeopardy. I better sum this up.

Health and welfare and lives and love are the important things to worry about. Money and things and annoying little everyday problems, not so much. Sure you have to deal with them and sure they can be quite challenging and frustrating and downright scary, but they aren't as important as you think. Choose wisely what weight you lay upon your shoulders, otherwise you will look back in shame that you ever let such minor details burden you and distract you from what is truly important.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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