Thursday, March 27, 2014

Define Selfie

To my son Tommy,

In my letter yesterday, I included a self taken picture of you and me. I had to laugh because including a "selfie" is a bit hypocritical of me. I have previously gone on the record with this definition of selfie.
Selfie: the result of having your ego and vanity grow so much that you no longer have friend nor stranger around to hold the damn camera.
Perhaps that is a bit harsh but none the less true. My fat face added nothing to that picture. As you grow, and collect memories with a camera, remember these rules

  • Take more pictures of people than of things ... no matter how cool the thing is, capturing a smile from someone with that cool thing makes it much cooler
  • Take more pictures of your loved ones than of others ... that way when you look back at the pictures you will instantly remember the love of that moment instead of trying to figure out who that person was.
  • If you want to be in the shot, ask someone else to take the picture ... that way you can use both arms for that hug and the picture will be that much better.
  • Overcrowd the photo booth and be silly...this is the only time you can feel not guilty about selfies as long as you let your inner clown shine!
Not ground breaking rules, but something to think about. When you grow up, if you show interest and want real rules to photography, we will send you out to your Great Uncle Paddy and he can teach you all the technical stuff. But for the snapshots and memories and little digital cameras that we use, these rules are a good starting point.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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