Saturday, March 15, 2014

Listen To The Whisper

To my son Tommy,

I was reading a post from another dad blogger ( ) and wondering how I could help. The dad blogging community is, despite many outside misconceptions, very deep and involved. Though we are essentially all smartasses and chronically sarcastic and filled with sometimes twisted humor, we have good hearts and try our best to rally behind good men and good causes. Anyways, as I was wondering if I could scrounge another ten bucks discretionary to donate, and thinking about how we could rid this world of such things as leukemia and lymphoma, I had one of those deep thoughts about God and life and love and fatherhood.

When God sees someone struggling, he whispers in the ears of hundreds or thousands or more, and asks them what they can do to help. Not everyone hears this call and even fewer have the courage to act. We question what type of god would allow these horrible diseases to exist when a simple snap of His fingers could wipe out misery and disease in an instant. It fosters doubt in His own existence and in that wake despair follows.

No one is sure why He chooses to limit His power by asking us to do His work for Him. I imagine it is like a parent watching a child grow. I imagine it is like watching a kid struggle with his math homework when you could take it and do it in less than a minute. I imagine it like a dad in the stands watching his kid strike out, instead of going down on the field and pinch hitting for him so he would not risk the hurt of failure. I imagine it is like a mom who sees her son fall and scrape his knee, who resists her natural tendency to coddle and cuddle, because she knows there will be many more bruises and cuts that he has to deal with. I imagine it has a whole lot to do with love. Bad things exist in this world, and we are asked all the time by a Higher Power, "Will you help?"

Why do we choose to only hear certain whispers? Why do we choose to only act upon even fewe?, Why can't we help out every single person through their struggles? My answer?...lack of practice. Listen closely for the whispers in life asking you to do what is good and right and have the courage to act and help someone through their struggle. You can help through a kind act, a friendly word, a small gift, a grand gesture, or even a request to get others involved. Practice compassion, practice service, practice love, and practice often, my son, whenever and wherever you can.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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