Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making Do

To my son Tommy,

Our upstairs toilet has been running for some time now. Your old man hasn't found the time or energy to go and fix the darn thing. So every time we use the toilet, we turn on the water at the shutoff to fill the tank again and turn it back off. The sad thing is I work for a plumbing company and almost two decades ago used to work out in the field so I should be able to fix this no problem. Unfortunately, I just haven't made it a priority, as we have found the workaround.

There are so many things in life that this happens to. We will do the same stupid things, over and over, because we have a workaround that solves our problem. Twenty bucks (and that is super retail) and an hour worth of work (and that is over estimating because I am rusty) and my toilet problem would be solved. But what other things am I avoiding because it takes an effort? Why is it so easy to live with the workaround and make do, than to spend the little extra effort to make life better? Why do we have such inertia when it comes to fixing things and doing things?

I could blame it on a bunch of things. Some people are forced to make do because they lack the funds, which is ironic because the workaround usually ends up being more costly in the long run. But that is not the case here. Maybe I lack the time, but I remember sitting on my hind side last night, browsing social media for at least an hour, while there was work to be done. I could blame it on emotional or spiritual or mental fatigue, but I know deep down that doing makes your spirits rise with that sense of accomplishment and relief and is actually the remedy for such afflictions. No, I think the true problem solely lies with that man that I see in my mirror. What a lazy slug!

Most every person is putting off something right this minute. There is something they should do but they are just not going to find the time or the energy or whatever they need to find to eliminate the excuses. I do not know why this is part of the human condition but I know it is a big and constant hurdle in most everyone's life. The good news is, with a little self reflection, you can rekindle that fire and drive to get something done. You can re-find gumption! Then, the challenge becomes not letting that sense of accomplishment for one small task extinguishing that spirited initiative before it can be used for the next task. I think I will get that gumption...tomorrow.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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