Monday, August 6, 2012


To my son Tommy,

There are many places and sights and experiences that have become tradition for our vacation in OCNJ. Call them rights of passage or what not, but they are required participation for our family. One of the great ones is Angelo's pizza.

For the past seven days we have stopped and bought something from Angelo's. There are some nice pizza places at the boardwalk. Each have there own following for a variety of reasons, be it taste or size or popularity or location, but we are Angelo's fans.

When you find a good local store in your life, support it. Talk to the employees, get to know their names. Make sure you keep patronizing their establishment so they will be around for your son. Sometimes this means paying a bit more or sacrificing some convenience rather than going to the big box store chains, but it is worth it.

Luckily with Angelos we don't have to sacrifice. The foods great! Your mom even has dreams of their cheesesteaks. There location is convenient and the owners work the kitchen and, like today, give out that regular customer discount. So I hope you soon decide to eat some more big boy foods, so you can fully experience this right of passage by eating at our favorite spot on OCNJ boardwalk!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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