Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Treasure Hunting

To my son Tommy,

Your mother said to me today "I married my father" as she joked about the similarities between your PopPop and your dad. I retorted that I married my mother and she got the better end of the deal. Of course pissing off your mom is never smart but that is for a whole other post.

Anyways, I was headed down to the beach to do some metal detecting with your PopPop's spare detector. He took me out the other day and showed me the ropes. Ever since I was a kid your age, I dreamed of treasure hunting. I dreamed of finding Atlantis or El Dorado or some other riches untold. Of course in two days of metal detecting I have gather a little over two bucks in coin, some plastic beach toys, and a couple nice sea shells.

After ten minutes of hunting, PopPop showed up to hunt and show me some nice spots. As I watched him work the beaches masterfully, I thought your mother was correct. She did marry her father. But the thing is, that is not a bad thing. All your grandparents are amazingly great people, so any comparison to them should be a compliment. As you grow up you will be compared to your parents and grandparents and relatives. You should be honored. Because even though today I was looking for treasure in the sand, the real treasure is, as always, family.

Sincerely with live from your dad,

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