Monday, August 20, 2012

School Supplies

To my son Tommy,

Today we bought your list of school supplies as we prepare for your first year of school. A folder, a tote bag, and a pencil pouch for a binder, seems to be the necessary provisions as you begin your educational journey. I probably should say as you begin your formal educational journey as you already well underway on your learning expedition of life.

Also on the list were some class supplies. Nothing too elaborate, crayons, markers, tissues, paper towels etc. We have read and re-read the letter from your teacher. You get more and more excited as we read it talking about all the fun activities. Now the only problem seems making you understand that you don't start school in the next 15 minutes. You are ready! I wonder if we can keep this excitement up for the next week or if once again, like we did with your schedule, your parents jumped the gun and are peaking too soon.

You realize that the one who will be having the most difficulty with this transition is your mom. She is putting on a good face and getting you all set up, but I still have this image of wailing and sobbing on your first day of actual school. But as a new chapter in your life begins, know your mother and I are with you in spirit and mind and heart, and vice versa.

Sincerely with love from your Dad,

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