Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time On The Ceiling Says...

To my son Tommy,

The alarm clock at my bedside projects the time onto our ceiling.  It was a gift from your great grandmother Frazier and though some of her gifts have been marked "weird" I find her gifts unique, interesting, fun, and even sometimes useful.

As I opened my eyes for the last time from my slumber this morning, I stared at the ceiling and it said 6:15.  I thought to myself, another 5 minutes, another 20 minutes, I could skip church today, yesterday was bad and why should today be any better. 

The ceiling flashed 6:16 and I thought of you and this blog.  I thought of the words I had written yesterday and decided to let this day start fresh. 

The ceiling flashed 6:17.  I continued pondering my words and my convictions.  I thought the strength of my words lie in the fact that I practice what I preach.  I am living it day by day and that is the difference. 

The ceiling flashed 6:18 and I thought to myself how lucky I was to be alive and how lucky I was to have you and your mother.  I thought of how I would accomplish nothing for us and our future by sleeping in another paltry hour.

The ceiling flashed 6:19 and I cleared my mind and basked for yet another minute in what I have in this world in this exact moment.  I made up my mind that I am happy now and to be happy today.  It is simple as that...just set your mindset and go.

The ceiling flashed 6:20 and I got out of bed, showered, brushed my teeth and the usual grooming, took my multi vitamin and headed off to mass.

It is now 10:40 and I imagine the ceiling in our bedroom probably says so as well.   As I take a small break from work to post, I can tell you that 5 minutes of my life made all the difference in the world for how this day is coming along and how I feel about this day and how I feel about everyone I meet today.  I hope my attitude becomes infectious today and I can make those around me hopeful and glad and perhaps a quick smile or grin.  They (the infamous they) say "sometimes it doesn't pay to get out of bed" but they are wrong.  Even yesterday it still paid to get out of bed.  Avoiding the issues of life by staying in bed accomplishes nothing.  And if I had taken there advice I would have missed out on this grand day.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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