Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Working From Home Today

To my son Tommy,

I am working from home today.  It is just you and me again, two wild and crazy guys.  Your mother is in nursing school.  Normally you would be at your Bwama's house but last night your PopPop had some heart issues and headed off to the emergency room.  They are unsure of what is going on and why he keeps getting these, but your grandmom told us that he will be okay.  Of course she tends to downplay things so we don't worry.  It doesn't really work, but it is somewhat comforting none the less that she attempts to keep us calm.

Anyways luckily my work is very understanding and allowed me to work from home.  Surprisingly working from home has been quite productive.  I think the lack of the "hey can you look at this" or "can you help me with this" has helped.  I have only dealt with about 5 calls from the field today and 3 calls from the office.  Of course there are new challenges like you saying "Hey I am red" which I found out means you are bleeding because you picked the scab off your heal where your shoes had rubbed it raw.  But other than that, this small break to blog, a quick video when you found the flip and started recording things (see attached), a number two bathroom break for you, and perhaps a quick stop for our lunch coming soon...there have been no problems or distractions.  You have played well with puzzles and toys and just required a quick glance over my shoulder to make sure your attention was not being given to something destructive (like picking scabs, drawing on walls, or developing a nuclear device).  I may take a quick break to straighten up as I am almost to the point where I can compile the current program changes.

Anyways, we will send out a couple extra prayers for PopPop.  He usually gets about 2 or 3 a day from us, but we might double that.  We will work out the new schedule and continue to work through any hiccups like today by me working from home or even you coming to work with your old man on non-school days.  Alright I have to go find your missing toy you cannot live without right now, and then get back to work.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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