Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Nice Warm Blanket

To my son Tommy,

If you get up early , you come jump in bed with daddy and mommy. The way you jump in, and sink into the safety of our family, reminds me of the sleep piles from "Where The Wild Things Are". 

Now last night, in what hopefully is winter's last breath, it snowed and dropped down to twenty degrees. We had the heat off in the house so things were a bit chilly by morning time. When you jumped in the little nest in between the legs of your mom and I, your mother shared some of her blanket to keep you warm. A little bit later you switched to Daddy's blanket, I assume because you found my blanket a bit warmer.

Here is a secret that is mostly true for any mommy-daddy couples...the daddy's blanket is usually warmer! But when choosing between two options, you have to ask yourself how the one option got better. You may find out, like daddy's blanket's warmth, that the means to achieve this end really stinks. Figuratively or, in the case of the blanket, quite literally.

On a side note, I am back on a diet that funny enough had a healthy serving of beans in yesterday's lunch menu. Sorry.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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