Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Other Parent Bloggers

To my son Tommy,

One of my great pleasures of starting this blog to you is finding many fascinating dads and moms who have just as much dedication and love for their children. Perhaps they express it in different ways, but they are there. They are trying to do the best they can. They are engaged, and in the end that is what parenting is about.

How do they express themselves? Well one of the most interesting expressions of love has to come from the Lunch Box Dad. He might be the sole reason I long for you to eat a greater variety of foods. Nearly everyday he takes the time to transform a normal lunch in to something magical for his kids. Not that I would even come close to Beau in creativity (as you can see by the picture above he is pretty darn good at fun lunches), but with the detailed instructions from his site, I could probably fake it.

I think we need a return to trying new foods with focused effort. You and I have been butting heads lately, so adding some new food pressure is probably just the thing to do. (Can you hear my sarcasm?) Oh just please start eating new foods so your old man can try (and doubtfully be completely successful at) doing fun lunches like Olaf!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

P.S. Beau Coffron the allowed me to borrow his Olaf picture for this post. Check him out sometime for some more amazing ideas.

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