Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good Morning

To my son Tommy,

"I'm coming down!" you yelled seemingly to everyone in the house as if your decision was made and there was no changing. You probably have been up for the past half hour, deciding if it was an appropriate time to be awake. It has been raining in Baltimore the past day or two, so there was no sunshine through the window to convince you that the morning had fully arrived.

"You downstairs or up?" you asked, again seemingly to everyone in the house though I knew it was directed at your mom. I sleep in one place, the bed, but your mom, depending on how she is doing physically with her medical and Crohn's stuff, can be found in the bed or on the couch. Plus who wants to spend morning snuggle time with an old fat man when a mommy is available.

"Good morning!" you said as you went down the stairs and caught first glimpse of your mom. The words came out in a way that you can hear the smile and joy in your heart. It is the same way you say it ninety nine times out of one hundred. Thus you begin the new day anew, ready to tackle the world, right after a quick hug and snuggle session with your mom because you have priorities.

I hope you never lose that joy for waking up. Hold on to it as best you can and recapture it as often as you can. For soon, you will be tempted to despise and dread the morning as this world takes hold of you and turns you cynical and cold. If you even decide to utilize the adjective "good" for your morning, it usually will be filled with sarcasm and irony. Instead any A.M. greeting will be shortened to "mornin" at best, but more likely "ugh" or "hrmph" or something much less congenial. Bah, don't listen to me...I am just a jaded cynical old fat guy who didn't get any snuggles this morning.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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