Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pointing With Emphasis

To my son Tommy,

Parent (either of us, both of us doesn't matter): "You dropped something when you walked by here."
You look down by your feet where you are and not where you passed.
"No, over here" as we point fruitlessly at the object on the floor.
You get lower to the floor still looking around where you are.
"No, over here" as we do the parent emphasis point trying to point out the obvious.
You turn away from us and look behind you.
"Do you not see where I am pointing? Come closer. It is right there!"
You walk forward looking into our eyes instead of where we are pointing.
If our point could talk it would be screaming by now.
"Look down! It is right there!"
Once again crouches to the floor while maintaining eye contact.
"For Pete's sake, it is right there!" as we start the parent point pump for emphasis.
You start feeling around. You put your hand on it while maintaining a clueless look that is still sincere and true.
"There! That! It is in your hand!"
"This?" you ask innocently.
"Yes! Yes!" we exclaim as we don't dare confuse the situation with sarcasm, "Now, pick that Lego up and put it back"
"Put it back where?" you answer.
Our brain explodes.

Next time I am going to remove the finding process by making you go barefoot and walking you back and forth from me to where you are until you find it the same way your father normally finds it. Then I will only have to deal with the where to put it away process which usually ends up with "Just give it to me"

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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