Friday, May 23, 2014

Plans For The Weekend

To my son Tommy,

Inevitably on a Friday before the long holiday weekend, the question will arise "You got big plans for the weekend?" It is an effort to pass the time between work start and holiday begin with some small talks about grilling and travelling and such.

We have plans for the weekend, not sure if they deserve the adjective "big" but we have plans. Some planned events have already been changed as they often do but others seem to be going ahead as usual. We cancelled going to the ballpark Saturday afternoon to stay close and help out around the family. Though Orioles games are fun, priorities lie with our loved ones, especially with those that are sick and need our help. Plus we have to help get ready for your cousins' graduation parties as Emma and Gabe both move on to new schools next year. That celebration will be Sunday.

But the real plan, the simple plan, my grandiose plan, is to relax and be with loved ones and to stay safe. All the rest is just trivial details. You have to stay focused on the big picture. I hope all our family and friends keep in mind this big picture this weekend, and I hope you always keep in mind this big picture every holiday.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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