Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Great Granddad

To my son Tommy,

Your Great Granddad Leo has been in the hospital for the past week or two. He was having to pee every half hour through out the night for some as of yet still unknown reason and his legs gave out on him and he had a couple falls. He can't walk or walk well enough to get himself to the potty. On top of that he got pneumonia from his hospital visit. Today, or last night, they moved him to what they call a rehab center. Copper Ridge lists itself as an "Outpatient and Residential Care for the Memory Impaired" which I think is a nice way of saying a nursing home for old people with dementia. Great Grandpa Leo's short term memory hasn't been too sharp for the past year or two, so I guess that is why he was sent there for his rehab to get him walking again. I just hope he comes home soon but I fear this might be a more permanent move than I am being led to believe. The whole situation is upsetting to all, but I can really see and hear it in my dad. Right now he is being so strong but I can see the cracks and wish I could do more to help him. Perhaps I should point out to him that he is still teaching his son. He is still teaching me that you don't give up on anyone, from birth to death, and you need to be at and on their side no matter how difficult life gets. He is still teaching me how to be a good son as well as a good father. Perhaps I should point out that the reason I am here for him to lean on his from his example throughout the years especially from the example he gave me when dealing with his own father. Prayers are needed and will be sent.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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