Thursday, April 3, 2014

No Glasses Needed

To my son Tommy,

Today, we took you to the opthamologist, aka the eye doc. You had failed the vision check with your pediatrician for two years running, so that triggered the trip to the specialist. The first year, your four year old well child visit, they let you slide because you just might not have the patience for the test or something like that can skew the results. But second year, the five year old well child visit, is too much to ignore.

Your mom and I watched you do fine with the letters sized at 20/80 vision but then when they jumped it down to to 20/50 we saw some problems. To your mom and I, it seemed you were destined for coke bottle thickness glasses and we were feeling that parental guilt that we should have had you checked way before this. 

Turns out, according to the doctor, the one with the medical degree, that your 20/50 vision with the slightest possible stigmatism in one eye, isn't that bad. She said the slight prescription she could prescribe wouldn't do much and that even then your vision won't be 20/20. From my point of view, it didn't really make sense. Why can't we get you to 20/20 with glasses? How can 20/50 not be bad? What happens when the school tests you and you fail again, do we just explain that the vision isn't that bad? But, again, I am not the one with the medical degree, so we will have to have faith in the docs education and experience. The funny thing is you are so fair skinned and toe headed that the doctor thought you might have a touch of albino in you. She had to check the pigment in the back of your eye just to make sure. I guess we better start getting you some sun!

Anyways, I hate to disappoint you but no glasses yet. And I do believe you are disappointed. I think you were excited about the prospect of being just like mommy and daddy. Oh well you will just have to keep dressing up in non prescription glasses. Trust me, you aren't missing out and real glasses aren't as exciting as you think.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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