Saturday, April 26, 2014

Honestly Autism Day

To my son Tommy,

The whole family volunteered at Honestly Autism Day. It is a great day sponsored by the Autism Society (I think they are technically the Chesapeake chapter but I usually just say Baltimore) filled with information and presentations and all types of stuff. Your Aunt Debbie coordinates the majority of the event and really puts together a grand show. Last year I watched you all kids, so everyone else could volunteer, but this year I offered my tech expertise making sure some of the "breakout" rooms were all set with projectors and speakers and dealing with your basic computer geek type of problems.

That meant we all got rooms at the hotel where it was being held and the family tagged teamed the child care. You loved it because it meant some time at the hotel pool. Unfortunately the water was still pretty cold, even for a supposedly heated pool, and you were shivering and your lip was quivering and turning blue. Despite protests from you, I decided for your health that the swimming would be cut short. Perhaps if you were a swimmer, perhaps if you could go under water and get your whole body used to the water, it would have been a different story. I think this summer full swim lessons are a must.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

pop-pop volunteering as the photographer. Sure he got pictures of the whole family but I snapped a few quick ones when I had to pull out my iPad to help a presenter get some files for their presentation. Here they are.

Bwama working the parking validation while Aunt Na and Josh take a break from their other volunteer duties.

Emma hides as. Uncle Raymond is surprised to be working registration and Uncle Hyun working diligently on a sign.

Uncle Hyun putting his neatness and his hand eye coordination to good use.
Aunt Karen showing off a big smile in what was a rare lull in all the activity (as you can tell by Emma being the typical bored teenager)

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