Tuesday, April 15, 2014

J is for ...

To my son Tommy,

During our weekend getaway, your Uncle Chris and I were watching you and your cousin Ryan while the rest of the crew went out for some bonding time. Somehow the conversation turned to Easter and I think you chimed in that you weren't wearing a shirt for Easter. Your uncle and I looked at each other because we had no idea what you were talking about and were sure your mother had a different shirt (or at least any shirt) planned for your Sunday outfit. But, being the wise ass I am, I suggested that if you decide to go that route that you should paint a "J" on your chest and find four friends for the other four "E,S,U,S" I suggested the five of you could add some face paint and sit in the front row and hoot and holler like a football fan on game day. A laugh came out as I wondered how some of the more serious people at church would deal with this enthusiasm. Anyways, it was a passing sarcastic comment between two fathers playing babysitter.

Flash forward to my first day of work after the vacation and I receive a phone call from a very distraught five year old. He is upset that his mother, who knew nothing of the joking comments between her husband and brother-in-law, would not allow him to paint a "J" on his chest. I was in tears laughing as. I recounted the story to your somewhat pissed mother. I soon got the above picture by text message. When I got home the "J" was now for Julia because you were heading over to her house for a play party today. That was okay with me because I think your mom was planning on making me paint on the "ESUS" on my belly for a picture. At least she didn't suggest "ERK" for my joke.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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