Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Future Hacker in the Making?

To my son Tommy,

Today, as I volunteered at your school working on the computers, I helped make sure that there is in place a decent web filtering system. The old one was obsolete and frankly didn't block much. Now we have a good blocking program that protects the students but hopefully won't piss off the teachers as they try to get to whatever sites they need or usually use.

I wonder though, as you grow and advance through the grade levels at St Agnes, if you will try to use my knowledge to your advantage. I don't have to worry so much right now I suppose, you being in pre-k that is, but what happens when you get older? If I continue to volunteer my efforts with the tech committee, will you be tempted to grill me for information on how to bypass the OpenDNS web filter or search for passwords to admin users and wifi? Perhaps we won't even have to play a cat and mouse game because I will have taught you too much about computers already and my student will have become my master. 

I have been slowly setting the groundwork for coding and logic and computer aptitude, in ways you wouldn't even think have anything to do with the technical world. When I teach you about organizing and procedure and priorities, I tend to do so from a computer geek state of mind. The way I explain, or have you explain, as we do things is pretty much the same as documenting your code. Half of coding and most all of computers is organization and procedure and technique. In another year or two I will probably start you on a daddy dev course being made and tried by another dad blogger friend of mine. But this course, and your father's access as a volunteer, and your natural curiosity, and your natural intellect, could lead to problems with a grade school hacker. Should be interesting in the future.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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