Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pre K Graduation

To my son Tommy,

Some may laugh for making a big deal. After all, it is only graduation from pre k. But to me, to your mom, to every parent and grandparent at the celebration, it is a big deal. It is a stepping stone, a milestone, another chapter ending and a new one beginning.

I was snapping pics and taking videos of the ceremony and the songs you and your classmates were singing. Somewhere deep in my heart or head, I heard the words, "This is a bit of that heaven on earth. Don't miss it." So I put down the smart phone and just decided to sit back and enjoy and, most of all, to just be present. Of course, before that moment of clarity, we did grab a couple shots to add to this post. Not sure I can go cold turkey on the picture taking, but I will definitely make sure to emphasize being present over preserving for posterity. I do however revel in boring the hell out of everyone else with pictures and videos of you, like many fathers do. Good thing PopPop loves snapping pics, of course then I have to make sure to get them.

So what is next for my big kindergarten bound boy? The sky is the limit. I am pretty sure if I blink I will be at your high school graduation and, if I blink again, the next thing I know I will be a grandpa and you will be blogging to your son. So before you conquered the next thirty years of your life in two blinks of mine eye, we fueled up with a little lunch celebration at Red Robin. Congratulations my son and yet another victory in your journey of life.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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