Friday, June 20, 2014


To my son Tommy,

A talisman is an object supposedly imbued with magical powers that provide luck or ward off demons or offer other such superstitious protections or fortunes. Some carry a lucky rabbit foot, which obviously wasn't too lucky for the rabbit, while others have stashed away a four leaf clover in their wallet. My talismans tend to be more religious or more sentimental. I have my Padre Pio prayer card in my wallet complete with a little third class relic and a St. John Neumann card on my office bulletin board.

But I really enjoy surrounding myself with sentimental talismans like a toddler with his special blanket. On the door to my office I have a picture frame made of popsicle sticks and a little craft book of reasons you think I am a pretty good dad. On my bulletin board I have a beach picture (complete with wild hair) surrounded with your scribbles and some drawings and colorings from your cousins. On my desk I have a picture of you and me from when you were a baby. Today, I wore yet another talisman, the hat you gave me for Father's Day. So far it has done the job well and warded off all the dangers that could potentially ruin this Friday. Even the grumpiest of co-workers seem to smile when I interrupt their request and ask them how they like my Father's Day gift.

You can garner much information from the talismans that surround a person. Obviously faith and family are the things that get me through each day. As you grow, I hope you find comfort in these things as well. Thank you for making my Friday at work that much the better. I doff my talisman to you.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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