Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ruled Out

To my son Tommy,

Roro was released from the hospital yesterday. In the whole process, I have renewed my disdain for the medical profession and hate that sick people have to rely on these people. They gave us no answers. They did rule out stroke and seizure and UTI. Took them three days to do that. The other ER from Thursday ruled out those things in six hours without admitting her, but this hospital must have a better billing department or something and needed three days to milk the insurance. Of course the first ER sent Roro home without any explanation for the symptoms or events, just as this hospital did. You would think with all the hospitals we've been in that I would have learned not to get hopes up. I keep thinking that we will find that doctor who takes a personal interest and challenges himself to actually help the patient rather than maximizing the billing. One of the last doctors stopped in the middle of his examination to answer a text message from his wife about his dog. Anyways, Roro is home tonight after another doctor appointment and is supposed to be taking a home sleep apnea test tonight. All you, mommy, and I can do from here on is keep Roro in our prayers. Maybe one of her many doctors will finally step up and decide to follow through.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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