Thursday, March 28, 2013

Active Dreams

To my son Tommy,

"Why don't you head off to bed?", asked your Mom in a more commanding than inquisitive way yesterday. I lurched from my love seat position where I had dozed off a second or third time. Earlier that day your grandpa had pointed out I looked tired and had bags under my eyes. I had woken up at 4 AM again to get into work early to help some of our field plumbers train up on the new timekeeping system a bit more. Not sure if it is stress or a series of early morning wake ups interspersed with various other events like snow shoveling or like you deciding to sleep in my bed one night thus giving me a horrible night sleep where all I did was worry that you were falling out of bed. Either way your mom was right and I started heading to bed. When I explained to you where I was headed you retorted, "But it is still light out"

The little extra sleep helped but I feel like I ran a marathon in my head. I must have been the busiest guy in dreamland last night. I did so many chores and tasks in my dreams through out the night. I worked 49 hours, I cleaned the entire house, I re-ran the electric in the house, I dug out and waterproofed the foundation, I started our gardens and tended to them for three months in my dreams, I harvested our gardens, I won the lottery, I created a foundation for good, I cured cancer, I worked in no less than three separate soup kitchens, I attended ten masses and said the rosary twenty times, and I blogged. Imagine the disappointment upon waking when I realized nothing extra was accomplished. The biggest disappointment was I missed my letter to you yesterday especially when, from what I can remember, the blog I wrote in my dream was great and inspiring and gave you the tools and instruction to solve the world's woes.

Oh well. The day starts anew and though I won't be able to accomplish all my dream in a single day, I perchance can make strides in one or two areas of my dream. So I figured I'd start with a letter to my son.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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