Friday, March 29, 2013

Connected Minds

To my son Tommy,

I really hope you find your soul mate to spend your life with the same way I found your mom.  The connection really runs deep and almost seem psychic at times.  For example, today.  I got out of work early and went to visit Baby Sal's grave.  It wasn't till I was on my way that I learned you and your mom had already stopped by.  Perhaps the passion of Good Friday that drives us to remember those that we have lost, but I find it telling that your mother and I often have the same thoughts, be them happy or sorrowful, on our mind.  It wasn't till after the visit that I realized how much Sal had been on both of our minds.  Your mother shared a link to an article using brief statements to explain what or who the bereaved mother is.  I have one to add to that list, "A bereaved mother is the wife that looks over at her husband tearing up over the loss over a year later and doesn't ask why but just lends her own broken heart to help him remain strong and thinks no less of him".  I left your brother Sal some peeps at his grave.  I figured since your mother doesn't like them and you won't try them that he would have been the only one to share in my enjoyment of the overly sugary disgustingly sweet marshmallow Easter treats.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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