Wednesday, March 6, 2013


To my son Tommy,

There are times when I completely believe in superstitions and deny the fact that results are purely coincidental.  I know this is not logical and not true but a day like today makes it hard to argue.  The snow report before the storm promised decent amounts of snow, ten inches being the average band wagon that all weather forecasters jumped on.  I had dreams of snow ball fights and igloos and a big snowman that would make our first and only snowman pale in comparison.  I even welcomed the chance to get out and shovel some walks and roads.  You know you are hard up for a good snow when you welcome manual labor.

Evidently, because I expressed this wish prior to event, the powers of nature, which have a sick sense of humor mixed with tons of irony, sent a warm tropical storm in from the Atlantic.  This pushed in a weird rain and snow mix and for the most part foiled my winter paradise dreams.  Evidently if we head about twenty miles north and west (say to my office in Sykesville) we could see plenty of the white shroud.  However here in Baltimore, we still have grass showing through on the thin blanket of snow.  It was enough to give me a "snow" day from work, which means I connect remotely and continue working, but not enough to take advantage of winter fun.  And of course in another cruel twist, the mix of precipitation in the area and the change gradient in weather conditions we would experience, I suppose it would be unwise to risk traveling for the possibility of winter fun north and west.

We made the best of it.  I have taken a couple breaks from the grind on the computer and we played some indoor games.  Mommy is locked away in her office studying dutifully.  She normally would have headed out to Grandma Roro's house to have you visit while she snuck off to the basement to study.  But with the weather, upstairs will have to do.  She was forced out of her edu-cave earlier when you and I had a stand off about a DVD around lunch which you decided to throw a temper tantrum and screaming fit about.  When I stay home, I guess I throw your schedule off and we just had to adjust a bit.  Unfortunately that adjustment was a bit too loud for your mom.  Everything is fine now.  You did great at a Boggle Jr game that we played together after and currently are entertaining yourself while you watch Mrs. Doubtfire.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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